Alecrín Actividades y aventura is created by the enormous need that users have to “learn while enjoying”. After years as environmental educators under the tutelage of other companies, and understanding that the way was not that, we ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. We needed to offer something else, and the user wanted to receive it. It is not just knowing, it is not explaining … You have to live it, you have to enjoy it, you have to be amazed at what you are seeing … only then will you create that special bond with the environment, which will make you fall in love with it.

And so we created the idea of ​​”active environmental education”, another way of understanding activities, guided services and other projects.

A way of learning while enjoying, keeping playing and living every moment of a day, as if it were the most special.
Every time, we add more Alecrines to our team, because there are so many special people in the world that we cannot let them escape. There are people who know how to soak up positive energy, make you go back to the past with their explanations, or turn you into a world of wonders, lead you to a feeling of well-being and joy just by accompanying you to the secrets of Galicia.

Ana Vázquez

Of everything

"Sea, mountain, river, wall ... there is no terrain that stops my desire to show everything that the natural environment offers you"

Bachelor of Biology

TS in Environmental Education

Accredited guide of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia

Kayak TD1

Starlight Guide

FEDME Trails Homologation Technique

Silvia González

Nature guide

"Being still is not an option. There are always new things to discover"

Forest Technical Engineering

TS in Environmental Education

Accredited guide of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia

María Cinta

Accompanying guide

"Each guided tour, each visit, is a unique and unforgettable experience"

Accredited Guide of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia

Dynamiser of sports ecotourism in the natural environment

Irene Ocaña

Official guide of Galicia

"Traveling is not just knowing new lands, it is knowing yourself"

Diploma in Tourism

David F Lage

Kayak monitor

"A river runs through rock not because of its hardness, but because of its persistence"

TS in Animation of Physical and Sports Acts

Recreational Canoeing TD2

Lifeguard in facilities and natural spaces

Accredited guide P. N.I.A.G.

Free time monitor

FEDME Trails Technician

Toni Pazos

Kayak monitor

"Get up every morning and convince yourself that you can do it"

Dynamizer of sports ecotourism in the natural environment

Basic civil protection course

Isaac Guedes

Kayak monitor

"I never lose, win or learn"

Degree in History

Spanish runner-up in Slalom 2009

Patri Valle


"Behind every story, you can find a story"

CUM LAUDE Doctor in History

Master in Asset Protection

Editor in “El Octavo Historiador” (“The Eighth Historian”)

Member of the GEAAT “Grupo de Estudios de Arqueología, Antigüedad y Territorio” (“Group of Studies of Archeology, Antiquity and Territory”)