Cleaning and plantations

The work of educators is essential to raise awareness of our heritage, the ways to protect it and the importance of preserving it, whether natural, ethnographic or historical.

More than planting trees or cleaning a river or beach, we want to make people understand the need to create forests and prevent pollution from reaching the natural environment. At Alecrín we think that as well as planting, students should also learn something. Trees, fruit trees, herbaceous plants, flowering plants, aromatic plants? What is their function and why are they necessary? Insects and other fauna, what do they need? How does pollution affect all these elements?

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More information about the cleaning and plantations:

We offer complete activities, with appropriate logistics and educational background for a better understanding.

The activities begin with an introductory talk on the subject, to get to know each other and what we want to achieve.

The activity includes:

-An environmental education professional adapted to the age of the students.

-Materials for the activity. Plant, seed or place of realization, if necessary.

A classroom with enough space for the talk and a projector.

Necessary accompaniment by teachers

Necessary to find a planting/cleaning area or to adapt to the place obtained by our company.