Reforestation and plantations

actividades colegios plantacion
plantacion con niños
actividad plantacion colegios
recuperacion bosques colegios

More information about the plantations:

Reforestation and plantations


After the fires of last October 2017, we were all aware of the need for change, of the need to fight for a future for our forests, for our children and for ourselves.


Changes were called for, but we all know that the solution starts with ordinary people. The solution starts with respect for the forests, with the knowledge of their importance for the present and for the future. And when we talk about people, we know that the most real future lies with the youngest.


Children are the future of everything. They will be the future caretakers of the forests, the biologists, the politicians, the firemen… or the arsonists… They will be the ones who will move the world in the not too distant future, thus, they will be able to change the current trends.


Each of the motivations, knowledge and information that we put in a child’s hand right now can create the most important seed of all.

The work of educators is essential to raise awareness of our heritage, the ways to protect it and the importance of preserving it, whether natural, ethnographic or historical.

We need this change, to rise from the ashes of this catastrophe and begin to think of the mountain as our future: of wealth, culture, enjoyment and wellbeing.

-Activity 1: Lecture + Sowing in the classroom

-Activity 2: Lecture + Planting

-Activity 3: Lecture + Preparation of materials for wildlife + Planting

The activity includes:

-An environmental education professional adapted to the age of the students.

-Materials for the activity. Plant, seed or place of realization, if necessary.

Classroom with enough space for the talk and projector required.

Necessary accompaniment by teachers

Price from 6€/child, contact us without obligation.