Nature tourism and ecotourism consulting

Consultoría de turismo

Do you want to add value, dynamise and make your area accessible to attract visitors? With Alecrín Actividades y aventura’s nature tourism consultancy we help you to put your area on the map so that everyone can get to know it and visit it.

Ecotourism revitalisation:

We offer you the best projects of dynamisation for your space and your resources. From itineraries and games to thematic routes. We look for the most appropriate way for the actions to reach the local population and visitors. Conferences, activities, volunteering, routes, games on heritage.

Heritage inventory:

We catalogue the resources or areas of greatest interest and order all the information to put it on a platter for your visitors. Easy, quick and accessible. So that they come, enjoy and repeat.

Interpretative information:

Panels and signage adapted to your public, easy, entertaining and useful. With all the latest market innovations to get visitors “hooked” on your destination.

Maintenance of hiking routes:

Don’t let your trails get lost! Maintain them at minimum cost and make them more dynamic by attracting users.

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