We present a complete and super fun activity.
An activity where you will have to search, find your way around, choose, understand and above all, ……. run to be the first!
Sharpen your wits and put your skills to the test, you’ll have to reach the marked places and solve the riddle to get your code. Collect them all before your opponents and you will be the winner.
Learning and having fun, an exceptional combination but always as a team, united and playing together you can achieve it.

Prices high season (16 June – 18 September): 25 €/person

Prices low season: 20 €/person

Minimum group of 8 persons

Activity depending on weather conditions

We have a new variant of this activity! Designed especially for schools, with a theme of equality to ensure that students understand and assimilate concepts in a more enjoyable way.

Price on request depending on the group, environment…

More information about the orientaventura:

ruta orientacion