Sailing among the swallows

Nature has a lot to show you, and what better way to do it than while you cool off, splash or play.

Relaxing and having fun is possible, and we are going to show it to you in this simple activity, of approximately 3 kms that runs between two countries: Spain and Portugal.

We will have moments of wildlife watching, we will see the pesqueiras (construction used to catch lamprey), we will get wet, we will relax while surrounded by swallows and we will come out of the river more alive than ever.

Kites, ducks, and a whole natural world to discover in this sustainable activity of active ecotourism.

Don’t miss it!

The tour includes:

Self-bailing kayak

-Paddle and waistcoat

-Kayak instructor

-Necessary insurance

-Small group to provide better quality to the visit.



25€/children up to 15 years old

15€/children up to 9 years old

Families on request

Minimum group of 6 people

Please consult for groups of more than 15 people

Activity depending on weather conditions

More information and reservation: