If there is something different about Galicia, it is our nature. Secrets that you can’t miss, incredible places, dream forests…

Are you going to miss it?

We have public routes in calendar and there is also the possibility of itineraries à la carte. Budget according to itinerary. Ask for our catalogue of routes.

Minimum group of 6 people.

More information about the hiking:

Special activities and short routes

Ideal as a complement to your stay with your family, as a couple or for other activities. Enjoy unparalleled nature.

From 2 to 5 hours long. Between 6 and 10km distance.

Among our recommendations:

-Traces, sounds and tracks

-Tracking the wolf tracks: Covelo

-Forgotten giants: Porriño

-The intertidal, when the tide goes out…

-Wildlife observation

Hiking 6-8h of activity

If you want to discover the most hidden secrets, don’t hesitate: we have professional guides willing to take you, show you and make you enjoy the show.

Waterfalls, valleys, mountains, forests, magical places…

Tell us what interests you and we will take you to the most interesting place you can imagine.

Among our recommendations:

-The valley of the senses: sierra del Candán, Lalín.

-Alén: Gateway to the beyond, A Lama

-Between rivers and stones: Castro Laboreiro, Peneda-Gêres National Park, Portugal.

-Between gorse and wolves: Covelo

-Whispering valley: A Cañiza

-Footbridges of the river Mao

-Way of the lighthouses

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