A walk where you can go bird-watching, learn about the use of seaweed or listen and guess all the life that goes on around this island.
Let yourself be absorbed by the best laurel forest in Europe and discover the secret that lies within.

A native, magical and incredible forest floating just a few metres from Carril, a village with a close relationship with its island. An island of senses, colours, smells and sounds.




Minimum group of 8 people

Groups between 13 and 17 people


Groups between 18 and 21 people


Groups of more than 22 people


Price of transportation not included

Price in kayak (kayak, instructor and material included): 


Children up to 16 years old: 30 €

Children up to 10 years old: 20 €

  Minimum 10 people

  Groups  larger than 15 please consult

More info on the visit to Cortegada:

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