Don’t you know what to do in Galicia with your day off? We have activities for all tastes and times, one for today, another for tomorrow. In winter and in summer. Come see them all!

Visit the National Park, beaches and much more!!

The Illas Atlánticas de Galicia National Park hides a lot of secrets, come and discover them from the hand of our guides. Four different archipelagos that hide the best ecosystems on the Atlantic coast. Sure it will be a fun day !!


The best-known island in the Park, but not only beach


The only island in the Park that continues to be inhabited


The island of stone statues and marine tragedies


A completely different and lush forest

The most refreshing summer plans to do in Galicia!!

Come and start canoeing enjoying an activity of the most fun and refreshing! Fresh water, salt water, during the day or at night, anything goes to make you have a great day. Perfect to come with family or friends and suitable for all audiences.

Kayak in San Simón

Paddle through the San Simón cove and get to know the island


Get to know Galician forests and culture, and finish kayaking

Moonlight kayak

An unforgettable experience, sailing under the moonlight!!

Santiago's Way by kaiak

A different way to walk along a stretch of the Camino


Kayak ride along a quiet, green stretch of the river


Enjoy and refresh yourself accompanied by your best friend

Kayak in Cíes

Cool off with us on the Islands of the Gods!

Other plans of Alecrín to do in Galicia!!

We also offer you other different plans to do in Galicia. Gymkhanas where we will test your ability to collaborate in a group, quieter activities to learn, day or night routes, legendary and much more. Go ahead and try them all !!


Can you find and pass all the tests?!


Stars, constellations, legends, and much more!!


O Suido, Candán, C. Laboreiro ... places to visit!!