Kayak activities

Come to kayak in Galicia!!

Come and start kayaking in Galicia with Alecrín enjoying a fun and refreshing activity!! Perfect to come with family or friends and suitable for all audiences. We have activities in fresh or salt water, and almost all of them are very close to Vigo. Come with your group of friends or join one of our organized activities.

At Alecrín Activities and Adventure we try to make our activities inclusive so that people with special difficulties can participate, such as reduced mobility or some sensory difficulty, so if this is your case, do not hesitate to ask us, many of these activities are suitable for you!!

Kayak in San Simón

Kayak trip through the San Simón cove, with disembarkation on the island of the same name to get to know it


Get to know the forests of Galicia and its culture, and complete the day with a quiet and refreshing kayak trip

Kayak moonlight

An unforgettable experience, sailing under the light of the moon and the stars!! Impressive!!


Enjoy and refresh yourself with the best friend of man ... and woman!!

Kayak descent

Kayak ride along a quiet, green stretch of the river


Other ways to do the Alecrín with a kayak!!